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Let’s get over our fear of fat! Here’s how to navigate the good stuff… Great Fats Rich in healthy monounsaturated fats: Avocados Avocado oil Beef tallow Extra… read more

What to eat before training?! What to avoid?! ARGH! A snack with a little carb won’t kill ya—even if it’s before a workout! Calories, including those from… read more

Eating healthy on the go is possible and can be easy with just a little thought and prep. Now you will be empowered with the knowledge on… read more

While we don’t technically need carbs to survive, they sure as hell make for a healthier body and mind when consuming the appropriate quality and quantity. Probably… read more

Please don’t stress out over food. Worrying about all the variables of a meal and your “perfect” diet—what to eat, what not to eat, macronutrients, organic vs… read more

TheAutoimmune Paleo Diet (AIP) can be immensely healing and helpful for a variety of conditions—you need not have autoimmunity to benefit, and if your gut is bugging… read more

Carb loading before your race does not have to be anything crazy in terms of gorging yourself with garlic bread and pasta at that pre-race dinner—can we… read more

If you’ve been experimenting with low-carb, fasting, or both, and are feeling that you’re actually doing worse (despite what “they” say should happen) it may be time to… read more

Who needs mashed potatoes when you can have buttery cauli mash instead?! However, perfecting this recipe is like training and racing—there is an art to it that you… read more

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