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Some folks associate brine with being unhealthy due to high sodium content. Just as the myth of dietary fat goes, so does the myth that sodium is bad… read more

Note: 20 min prep time above does not include 24-hour brew time… If you spend a little time up front you can make a low-acidic, delicious, satisfying, and… read more

If you want to be sold on the nutrient density of kidneys, check out Organ Meat 101. But maybe even better than its rich protein, vitamin, and mineral content… read more

Though the name sounds like it’ll send your blood sugar levels through the roof, sweetbreads are actually a highly fatty and nutritious organ meat that is neither… read more

This pâté is the perfect way to introduce squeamish family and friends to this nutrient-packed organ meat. For more information about exactly what makes liver such an exceptional… read more

Like all organ meats, heart is high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. If you’re curious about what makes this offal particularly good for you, check out Organ Meats… read more

Here is the video recording of our first webinar. Sorry for the audio (and video) issues, but bear with us, everything clears up nicely after about 4… read more

Directions Chop all veggies. In large skillet melt butter or coconut oil, then add garlic and ground meat. Stir and let meat brown and break into chunks, but you… read more

Smoothie bowls take things to the next level. Instead of just sipping your creation from a cup, pour it into a bowl, top with additional goodies and… read more