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One of the many gut issues that’s becoming increasingly more common in athletes and those who are overstressed is small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). SIBO occurs when… read more

We skipped the November webinar due to he Thanksgiving holiday (hope ya’ll had a good one and were able to relax, give thanks, enjoy loved ones and… read more

If I had to choose my favorite recipe, this is it… I love it because it’s flexible. Don’t let this recipe intimidate you, it’s soooo easy and NOT… read more

This soup was a random creation I made when I was doing the AIP diet to heal autoimmunity. I first randomly compiled it when I was on a… read more

We all know that organ meats are good for you. But incorporating them in your diet is a different story. Maybe you’ve gotten over the initial “ew” factor,… read more

Another great webinar going deeper and getting more specific to your questions and situations. Show notes are below. Enjoy! “Be a nutritional explorer” Your needs will change with time… read more

Salmon is the king of quality fish (and not just King Salmon). But buying “the right” salmon can be a confusing chore! There are so many species… read more

Bone broth is a trending health food these days, and I’m normally weary of trends, but in this case I’m stoked to see bone broth going big… read more

Some people crave burgers, fries and a beer. I crave whole roasted organic chickens, veggies and sparkling water with a splash of apple cider vinegar (I literally… read more