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As the health and fitness sphere moves toward becoming less carb-phobic, many of us are recognizing our need (especially as athletes) to incorporate more carbs. At first,… read more

This may be one of my all-time greatest creations. Or, I was just really in the mood for a non-junky creamy alfredo sauce. Either way, this healthy… read more

I used My Fitness Pal (MFP) to log every single morsel I put in my mouth for three years, and absolutely loved it. After meticulously sticking to… read more

Although I created this recipe during summer (the store just happened to have fresh parsnips), the flavors and aroma scream fall time so bookmark this for the… read more

I recently was interviewed by a running publication on anti-inflammatory diets for athletes, and it got me to thinking more about inflammation. I want to share that… read more

Just a warning: This loaf will not last long in your house! This simple gluten-free banana bread recipe hits the spot, and it’s hard to tell it’s… read more

How about that featured photo for the article – a throwback to racing with some of my athletes at the Desert Triathlon back in 2011! Sports nutrition… read more

“Restriction” and “dieting” go hand in hand, or maybe you’re not dieting per se but you’re a restrictive eater. Either way there’s a common theme: We’ll deprive… read more

An unfortunate side effect of being overly carb conscious or following a low-carb diet is fearing fruit. I was there at one point. I began to view… read more

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