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First off, check out our video with LPC co-founder John Gibson on “How to Do More and Live the Life You Want.” This is a complementary piece… read more

Guest post by Coach Tawnee athlete Sam Morse, who’s a triathlete, grad student and instructor at UCLA. I used to sigh when a recipe included “a handful… read more

Most homes tend to get quite a few fruit flies hanging around the house, especially the kitchen in summer months, and the multiply quickly! Can you blame… read more

We started composting 10 months ago and despite what you read or hear, it’s actually a very simple, easy, low-maintenance project with a lot of worthwhile benefits… read more

Planes can be some of the least healthy and most uncomfortable places to spend several hours. I recorded a short video to show you what I take… read more

I have [fill in your issue(s) here]: Trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or getting deep sleep; waking up throughout the night, or waking up too early; waking… read more

This list is based on what I’ve tried, used, and can usually find at places like Whole Foods and other stores. I’ve provided Amazon links for shopping… read more