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Hey guys! This is based off the Functional Movement Systems (FMS) and yes the video links take you to Gray Cook, founder of FMS, giving instruction and… read more

Specificity is key, so actually the best strength training you can do for running would be things like hill repeats, running sleds, or the like. But research… read more

… and ditch the gym membership stat! As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, I feel confident that the below list of equipment covers pretty much all… read more

These are things I do myself and prescribe to my athletes. I have done all these at some point throughout my years, with the goal of increasing functional… read more

I created this custom battery for my coaching clients after years of seeing the same issues pop up over and over, while also tying together all the most important basic… read more

I get a lot of questions about proper form for kettlebell (KB) swings. I love the exercise because it’s so helpful for overall strength but can be… read more