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1. Foam Roll Serratus Functional fitness is a huge priority for me, and one reason for my transition away from heavy endurance racing a few years ago was to… read more

I created this custom battery for my coaching clients after years of seeing the same issues pop up over and over, while also tying together all the most important basic… read more

I do not define myself as a biohacker. To be honest, I don’t like the term. I have been and always will be a person who’s eager… read more

I get a lot of questions about proper form for kettlebell (KB) swings. I love the exercise because it’s so helpful for overall strength but can be… read more

Insulin often gets a bad rep these days for being “evil” because it takes us out of fat-burning mode (lipolysis) and too much can lead to diabetes.… read more

It’s ok to allow stress when you need it—it’s a survival mechanism—but in the modern world we are addicted to living in a stressed out state even when… read more

Often in stressful times or when repairing our health, it’s in our best interest to halt training for sport to mitigate any added stress and make healing… read more

Gut distress can ruin your race. But these five easy actions can save you from ever having to deal with that! Start the protocol at least 2 weeks… read more

Let’s keep your gains all natural, ok? We all, both males and females, need (and should strive for) healthy hormone levels including testosterone (T). If we don’t… read more