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One of the many gut issues that’s becoming increasingly more common in athletes and those who are overstressed is small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). SIBO occurs when… read more

We skipped the November webinar due to he Thanksgiving holiday (hope ya’ll had a good one and were able to relax, give thanks, enjoy loved ones and… read more

Why are you not getting a period? Stress! Stress comes in many forms, and you may even be at a “normal” weight but still not get a… read more

These are things I do myself and prescribe to my athletes. I have done all these at some point throughout my years, with the goal of increasing functional… read more

Through research, practice and observation, I’ve weeded out the “junk” and highlighted the best of the best when it comes to basic bodyweight mobility exercises that also… read more

You have probably already seen the post for Workout #1. If not, start here. A quick refresher: A while back I put together a series of workout videos demonstrating… read more

You probably already saw the posts/videos for the previous workouts in this series. If not, scroll down for links to those. A quick refresher: A while back I put… read more

So, you have your blood test results in hand, but how to make sense of them? If your markers are in normal range, what does that even… read more

I have a lot of folks ask what blood markers to test when getting lab work. Often doctors or even online services don’t do enough in-depth testing that I think is necessary,… read more