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An unfortunate side effect of being overly carb conscious or following a low-carb diet is fearing fruit. I was there at one point. I began to view… read more

There’s been a lot of hype about the benefits of cold thermogenesis (15-20 minute soaks in very cold water) for physical and mental performance. The touted benefits… read more

Understandably, many women start to worry if they look at the calendar, do the math and realize they’re faced with doing their big race during the high hormone phase.… read more

This is a high-fat, very nutrient-dense day of eating, with moderate carbs and plentiful calories that can work well for many female athletes. Female athletes who are… read more

Last April, I spoke at a conference hosted by my friends at Inside Tracker the day before running the Boston Marathon. My speech was aimed at educating… read more

Welcome back to Women’s Corner, our new video series on LPC exclusively for women’s health topics and female-specific issues (but of course you dudes are more than… read more

The featured picture… worth a thousand words. That was 2013, the year we did Ironman Tahoe in the snow. Even though I had a DNF 90-something miles… read more

It’s pretty standard that in every dinner I make, I use more than one cooking fat or oil, sometimes up to four fats and oils in one… read more

A couple years ago when Dave Asprey’s mycotoxin-free Bulletproof coffee beans were “all the rage,” I dug into this topic to see if certain beans made a… read more