Mission Statement

Life Post Collective (LPC) is an “inner circle community” that provides the full holistic experience on what it takes to live a healthy, happy, fulfilling life; achieve optimal wellness; perform your best—whatever performance means to you—and of course be kind to the environment, your loved ones and community.

* * *

A Word From the Founder, Tawnee Prazak, MS, CSCS

For years I’ve been told, “You need to write a cookbook! Your healthy creations are so good!” Fair (and true, haha), but I always knew I wanted more than just a cookbook. While what we eat is vastly important, healthy living is more than good recipes. Healthy living requires the holistic approach to wellness—lifestyle and all. Because let’s face it, if you’re overly stressed with poor habits that certainly outweighs even the best diet (trust me, I know from experience). So I wanted to create this inner circle community to offer the tools of what it really means to be healthy and perform your best.

Thankfully I have a lot to share on the matter. As a coach, researcher, physiologist, endurance athlete, podcast host, and general authority on nutrition, health, and fitness, I have a library full of evidence-based and experienced-based custom resources that reflect my philosophy on what leads to optimal health and performance. I’ve been building this for more than a decade. In my private coaching practice, I’m able to share these tools with my clients and help them achieve great success. But I can only work with so many people at a given time. Meanwhile my “library” continues to grow.

I’ve been dying to share my resources—the custom recipes, articles, videos, tools, and not to mention all the new content that I continue to generate and release on a weekly basis. I want to invite you into my life and show you what it’s all about. I’ve seen first hand, time and time again, how my process helps people actualize their goals and get to levels of health and fitness they didn’t think possible—including me.

That said, people always want to know how I got to where I am. Yup, there’s quite a personal story in here! If you follow my blog tritawn.com or listen to Endurance Planet, you may already know a bit about it—I make my life no secret. Or maybe you’re just finding me and have no idea. So let me share the “short” version:

For 10 years I lived a relatively destructive life but under the disguise of being very fit and healthy. It started with an eating disorder (ED) as a freshman in college, the freshman 15 weight loss turned extreme. Thankfully I recognized the bad path I was on and was able to recover from the worst of it in a relatively short time. However, I would still silently hold onto unhealthy ED behaviors and habits for years to come.

Later in college, I developed a deep passion for endurance sports, fitness, and nutrition. I did my first triathlon in ’07 and it changed my life! In many ways triathlon was healthy for me—food was now viewed as fuel, my body grew much stronger—but in other ways it was just another form of an unhealthy addiction, in this case overexercising. Granted, I had a genuine passion for competition and sport, and I did very well for a number of years as a top age-group triathlete. People saw me land on many podiums, but what they didn’t see were the inner demons inside: anxiety, body image issues, hangups over food that were part restrictive (relative to my daily energy expenditure), part orthorexic (obsessed with only eating healthy food). I was still young enough to muscle through and perform well (the no pain, no gain mentality), but on the inside this lifestyle was taking its toll. I had symptoms of the female athlete triad, namely hypothalamic amenorrhea, along with worsening health. My gut was a total wreck but I had no idea—I just thought the suffering and pain I went through on a regular basis was a normal consequence of how I ate and exercised (chronic bloating, gas, diarrhea, etc.). Of course adrenal health and other areas were suffering too. Over time, I became the epitome of an athlete who was “fit but unhealthy.” For example, my hormones in my mid-20s were worse than that of a post-menopausal woman—I had nothing!

On the outside, others saw me as a super triathlete and a real go-getter. I addition to sport, I earned my master’s degree in a health field, started my own business(es) and even dabbled in fitness modeling. In my mind I had to be perfect at it all and was so driven. I couldn’t be stopped by anyone. But I was on a fast-track to blowing up and didn’t realize it. Eventually I did hit rock bottom. My body couldn’t keep up with what my mind demanded any more, and the years of stress accumulation had finally taken their toll. I loved sport and competing, loved the life I’d built, but I knew I needed something to change, or else.

Thankfully, I’ve always had an interest in health and wellness, and was well aware that my non-existent hormones weren’t a good thing. I was already seeing conventional doctors and building my health files, but no one gave me any answers that could help, and no doctor cared to “dig deep” into my true state of health to tell me what was needed to heal (they wouldn’t even test my iron at one point, for hormones the pill was suggested, but I knew better, and no one seemed to believe my gut issues were real). I had had it. I wanted better. So I got to work and fired my doctor (well, I just stopped going to that practice but never said the words “you’re fired,” lol). Luckily, I found the functional health model, which was a life saver and the answer. The functional model integrates all aspects of health, diet, stress and lifestyle, and offers solutions to underlying problems and ways to create a healthy body and mind. I gained hope. It took patience, it took willingness to change, and my goodness it was not cheap, but it was the ticket to wellness. This was not an overnight process, it took me years and along the way I certainly had my share of setbacks (even an autoimmune diagnosis), but nothing would stop me from achieving my health goals. I channeled the same energy that made me good at triathlon and put that toward my health.

Over time, I had little victories and eventually those little victories added up to big success. I regained a new level of health I never thought possible, and I couldn’t be happier with where my mind, body and soul are at today. I still exercise and occasionally compete (during healing I was able to healthfully train, qualify and race the Boston Marathon for example), but athletic competition has taken a new meaning in my life and I keep it in check. I do believe endurance athletes can have great health and great athletic performance if they’re very diligent on the many variables involved.

My coaching still involves helping athletes achieve their goals in sport, but it’s become more than that. I’ve transitioned into health and nutrition coaching, and it’s a match made in heaven. I have a deep passion for taking a personalized proactive approach to health and spreading the word that each of us is in the driver’s seat when it comes to our wellness. My tools and approach can help anyone, not just athletes; anyone who wants to live a healthy good life but doesn’t know where to start can gain hope that there are solutions waiting. Meanwhile, I know many other athletes who need similar help as I did (females of course, but there are male versions of this story too!), as well as those athletes who simply need the tools to prevent a future blowup. With my background in endurance sports coaching and on the “battlegrounds” as an athlete, I have a unique skill set to help this population since many practitioners may not also understand what it’s like to be an obsessed athlete. I have a special way of working with my athletes who want to improve health—I get it.

* * *

Enter Life Post Collective (LPC)

So, LPC is the full holistic experience. It’s home to everything I’ve developed over the years and everything I continue to develop on a weekly basis! Plus it’s my way to interact directly with YOU on a regular basis—answer your questions, help guide your journey and so on. LPC is the embodiment of the holistic approach and it does not push dogma or a hidden agenda, and wont try to sell you on gimmicks. It’s simply a genuine, honest endeavor to empower you to achieve the healthy life you deserve.

At LPC we leave no stone unturned. If you listen to my podcast, Endurance Planet, you get a lot of information on how to be a healthy athlete and participation in endurance sports. Well, LPC is an extension of that and gets away from being too sport-specific; it goes much deeper covering functional health, wellness, nutrition, and more. Our main areas of focus are mind, body, nutrition and environment. I don’t push any “one true way” because we’re all individuals so each of us will have our own recipe for success. I do share the things that work for me and how I live (yup, you get to come inside my life!), but I also share evidence-based content that you can apply to your life and maybe it’ll be different from how I personally do things. At the end of the day, there are plenty of logical tools to help you figure out your path to optimization and if you have questions? Just ask me! I gotcha covered!

LPC is also a c-o-l-l-e-c-t-i-v-e, meaning we want YOU to participate as much as possible! You’ll find integrative forums to interact with fellow members and me, as well as exclusive live webinars with Q&A sessions. I scour the site often and it’s my mission to answer your comments on posts, hang out on the forums with you and be there for you. If you have a coach or team no problem, or even if you’re a personal client of mine, no problem! LPC is not meant to replace a coaching relationship or other training plans you have; instead, I see LPC as the perfect complement.

* * *

What’s up with the logo?

That would be a birddolphin, yes birddolphin. Hear me out. I will never forget the exact moment in which this creature appeared in my brain—well before LPC was born. We were driving back from a backpacking trip in Big Sur, southbound on Highway 1 in the Monterrey area—some of California’s most scenic coastline. I was on a natural high from a few days of backpacking (the best cure for anything) and it was a feel-good mood in the car.

I was thinking, “How cool would it be to be an animal that could swim like a dolphin and fly like a bird?! Talk about achieving it all! What if it existed—it would be a birddolphin.” Call it corny, but the idea of this struck a cord with me. It’s my job to help people get the best for themselves and achieve their wildest dreams.

I felt a parallel—a birddolphin is only a fictional character, but to me it embodies the idea of reaching for our wildest dreams—and that nothing is too crazy to imagine or set as a goal. In that moment I decided I wanted to channel my inner birddolphin and let no one or no thing hold me back from achieving my dreams and goals henceforward.

Interestingly, the following year I got SCUBA certified and climbed the tallest mountain in the continental US—coincidence? So, now I invite you to channel your inner birddolphin and let LPC be your inspiration to achieve what you maybe didn’t think was possible!